After some years training in primary Shipping Agency, Lloyd’s Agency and in the major commodity surveying office, Studio Marcello Savini independently operates since 1988 to assist Shipowners, Charterers and P.&I. Clubs in connection with cargo claims, potential losses, risks related to the carriage of goods by sea. Besides Maritime Carriers and Clubs, as well as few selected cases for Lloyd’s Agencies, we impartially act as judicial surveyors of Ravenna Court of Justice. We may proudly claim that our action as Carrier surveyors is not constrained by  customer-oriented relationships, as we are the only surveyors in Ravenna who never accepted appointments from cargo receivers. Disclaimer: Queste pagine non rappresentano una testata e vengono aggiornate senza alcuna periodicità . Alcuni testi o immagini inserite sono tratti/e da internet e pertanto considerati di pubblico dominio. Qualora la loro pubblicazione violasse eventuali diritti d'autore, vogliate comunicarlo via email.                                                        Commodity marine surveyors                       P&I CONSULTANTS @RAVENNA PORT                                                                        Commodity marine surveyors                       P&I CONSULTANTS @RAVENNA PORT
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