As reported on previous pages, protests are habitually issued at Ravenna port, but some protests only are actually significant  and need a prompt intervention. Whenever a letter of protest is issued for alleged damages to cargo, it can be of paramount  importance to promptly determine its actual meaning. Shipowners and Charterers are obliged to chose between ignoring the  protest (as it is often suggested by local shipping agents), or directly appointing the local Correspondent of their Club.  Both options can be inopportune, unless getting a clear picture of the specific situation and circumstances.  Likewise, in the event of an existing claim and of an occurred release of a Club l.o.u., Maritime Carriers and their Clubs are  obliged to rely on unknown surveyors appointed by Correspondents and to base their defence on the contents of the reports  issued by these surveyors, who are often chosen on personal, friendship, or clientelar criteria.    An external and well pounded opinion on the claim, based on the available documentation, can be of assistance in better   evaluating the future steps to be taken, which usually are:   - defying and risking expensive legal proceedings  - searching for a satisfactory out-of-court agreement at an equitable financial level.  We are at our Client’s disposal for evaluation of claims lodged by cargo receivers, with special reference to the extent   of losses and to the potential risks related to the causation and liability.                                                    Evaluation of third-parties and/or your own surveyor’s report It is often advisable to be aware of the sustainability of a survey report before a Court of Justice or an arbitrator, i.e. to determine the   weak points and deficiencies, if any, of the report itself or of surveyor’s views on specific arguments.  Apparently positive arguments , theoretically playing into the hands of the Carrier, may alter a whole claim scenery as it often crashes  against Italian jurisprudence and the only result is a waste of time and an increase of claim’s handling cost.   As a matter of fact, a sketchy  knowledge by the appointed surveyor of a specific kind of claim may preclude the chance to concretize   a valid Carrier’s defence.  Whenever the amount of a claim is considerable, or a Shipowner does not completely rely on the surveyor appointed by their Club’s  Correspondent, a second opinion, or a professional advice can be useful and telling.  For discrete information on this service, feel free to contact us. 
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